Dexcent's SCADA HMI Webinar - Series 1

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WEBINAR: SCADA HMI Best Practices to Empower Operational Innovation

Speaker: Kelly Doran, Control Systems Specialist 

Improving plant operations requires strategic investments in technical innovation. It’s challenging to evolve from business as usual to the new way of doing business. We are constantly juggling multiple priorities, exacerbated by increasingly leaner operational resources. 


Kelly Doran has successfully implemented solutions that challenge traditional thinking, finding additional opportunities to improve processes and empower operations to embrace change through technical innovation.

            In this webinar, attendees will learn about SCADA HMI Best Practices that include:

            Series 1 Topic 1: SCADA HMI Best Practices " An Extension of your Crisis Management Response"

            • Modern Fundamentals for Display Designs

            • High Performance Graphics and Abnormal Situation Management (ASM)

            Upcoming Series: Attendees will learn about impact of CRM and SCADA Insights & Trends through the following series of webinars:
            • Series 1 Topic 2: Preparing for an Audit of your HMI Displays

            • Series 1 Topic 3: Simplifying the Compliance Process of HMI Displays

            • Series 2 Topic 1: Point to Point Verification

            •  Series 3 Topic 1: Management of Change