Benefits of Industrial Cyber Security


As more and more industries realize data-centric concepts and digitalize their everyday operations, the practices of IT/OT convergence are becoming more popular than ever. However, industries establishing integrated processes within their systems should also remember that they’re providing a gateway for hackers and cybercriminals to access their industrial systems.

If your company is investing in digital transformation, you also need to pay attention to securing your OT systems. Several large-scale industries are already deploying powerful Cyber Security tools and practices to improve the detection of cyber threats and improve visibility into the attack surface to respond quickly across several security layers.  According to an estimate, Cyber Security for industrial control systems (ICS) is expected to be worth $22.8 billion by 2026. Let’s look at some benefits of industrial Cyber Security.

Industrial Infrastructure Protection

Industrial infrastructure protection is a multi-layered process and an exceptionally complex and hefty task. You need to leverage several tools to manage industrial operations and monitor devices to protect corporate IT and ICS. 

Cyber Security practices help industries in timely detection and elimination of cyber threats to endpoints and protect the network from cyber-attacks. If your industrial site is based on complex automation and control systems, Cyber Security practices can help you protect them from deliberate attacks and accidental failures. 

Dedicated Cyber Security tools help industries monitor minor and major glitches in performance indicators and provide deep insights to all cyber assets and traffic on your process control networks. Since OT systems are highly complex, configuring each component of the system manually can be considerably harder and lead to errors and mismanagement. To ensure maximum protection, you need to develop and implement a Cyber Security plan.

Reducing Cyber Risks

As more industries are automating their processes, they’re also facing ransomware offensives and cyber chain attacks that cause massive production disruptions. For instance, the SolarWinds supply chain attack provided the hackers access to the data, systems, and networks of several SolarWinds customers and also affected several other organizations. It is one of the largest cyber-attacks in the past couple of years. 

Just like several other industries, oil and gas companies are also a notable target of cyber-attacks. On May 7, 2021, an American oil pipeline system experienced a ransomware cyberattack that affected the computerized systems managing the pipeline. The incident is considered a highly disruptive digital ransom operation and indicates how vulnerable oil and gas companies can be. The Colonial Pipeline Company smartly handled the situation by taking its systems offline to contain the threat. Still, the implications of the incident were irredeemable.

Need Help?

If you’re new to the world of industrial automation digitalization, or Cyber Security, you need to be mindful of the Cyber Security threat landscape in Canada. At Dexcent, we help industries embrace technology and seamlessly automate their business operations without experiencing any cyber-attack. We’re recognized for our top-notch Cyber Security services, industrial automation, and engineering consultation services.

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