How to Overcome Industrial Cyber Security Challenges

 As industrial operations continue to become more seamless and convenient, because of the unprecedented advancements in technologies, they have also become highly prone to Cyber Security attacks and threats. According to a study, the number of ransomware incidents involving the manufacturing industries surged 156% from the start of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020.  Today, industries use real-time data to keep track of their physical processes. They also start to leverage the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) as a tool to get insights into their OT’s performance. 

However, several industries deploy OT systems that aren’t equipped with Cyber Security tools and hence fail to defend against these attacks. In research on oil and gas companies, two-thirds of the respondents agreed that their industrial operations encountered at least one security compromise that led to OT disruption or loss of confidential information. 

Here are some best practices to overcome security risks:

Awareness and Training 

A majority of Cyber Security incidents take place because of human error. Employees are often unaware of the Cyber Security risks of highly vulnerable systems and hence they fail to develop and implement a defensive mechanism to prevent and combat security attacks. 

All industries should conduct Cyber Security training sessions to educate their employees about password discipline, Cyber Security consciousness, and malware. This training shouldn’t be limited to the workers of IT and OT sectors.

Integrate Agility in Cyber Security Activities

In addition to using advanced security tools such as intrusion detection or protection systems (IDS and IPS), asset management, vulnerability and patch management, antivirus software, and encryption technologies, industries also need to improve their response timing to a Cyber Security attack by integrating agility in their OT, IT Cyber Security and incorporating structure-by-design practices in their ICS to make sure that they respond faster to unexpected threats.

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Protecting Industrial Control Systems Against Cyber-Attacks