How to Build a Robust Cyber Security Infrastructure


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Cyber Security has become a cause of increased concern for industrial organizations globally. Despite the increasing use of information technology, virtualization, remote working culture, and other innovations has streamlined operations but has also exposed their core IT infrastructure to cyber-attacks.

Organizations must implement effective practices that ensure the safety and integrity of their sensitive cyber systems and IT/OT infrastructure. However, the lack of expertise and experience in implementing such measures can be a roadblock to achieving a proper Cyber Security infrastructure. Therefore, organizations should consider getting the help of an external industrial security and Cyber Security expert. 

They can help you develop robust controls to protect your OT operations. Let's look at ways to build a robust Cyber Security program within your company. 

Take Senior Management into Confidence

If you want to implement a robust Cyber Security program and capabilities, you must have the backing of your senior management or C-level executives. On the other hand, if you're a business owner, you must take your employees and senior management into confidence before implementing a Cyber Security program. After having everyone on board, you should consider hiring industrial automation Cyber Security specialists who can build a program suited to your organization's needs. 

Overview of Business Processes 

Once you have senior management on board and have consulted industrial security consulting experts, it is time to comprehensively review your operational processes and methodologies. By assessing your Operational facilities and relevant business units’ requirements, you can quickly build a robust OT infrastructure and Cyber Security capabilities that'll help protect your organization from unwanted advances. 

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Constant Monitoring

After getting a comprehensive view of your operations processes and setting up a Cyber Security Program, it is important to have a constant monitoring mechanism that ensures your systems are protected. Threats are constantly evolving, and exploitation of weaknesses in your defenses such as known vulnerabilities can happen at any time of the day. Therefore, you must constantly monitor your OT Cyber infrastructure to identify any weaknesses and mitigate it to reduce the risk of new cyber threats. 

Now, you can create an in-house surveillance system or have an external 

industrial security consulting service to monitor your environment ongoingly.. 

It is essential to have a sturdy Cyber Security Program protect your organization no matter what you do. If you're looking for reliable Cyber Security solutions, check out the services provided by Dexcent Inc. We have been pioneers in providing expert  OT solutions and have completed over 200 projects. Connect with us or visit our website for more details about our services. 

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