Four Questions to Ask About Industrial Cyber Security


Against the backdrop of the cyberattack-ridden conflicts in Ukraine, the increasing prevalence of cyber-attacks on industries, and the possibility of control system breaches via log4j exploits for example, industrial organizations are reconfiguring their own ICS cyber security measures.

Fortunately, a wealth of resources can help you safeguard your OT infrastructure. Your business requires 24/7 OT Cyber Security solutions to record and report suspicious activities.

Consider these four questions as a framework for assessing the various Cyber Security solutions on the market.

Why Do You Need an Accurate Picture of Your ICS Cyber Security Defenses?

When applications fail, or performance degrades, the first line of defense is a network monitoring system. Research by the Ponemon Institute found that 64% of security leaders lacked the resources to monitor threats, 62% needed access to resources necessary for interpreting and evaluating threats, and 68% lacked access to the resources needed to manage foreign threats. 

Knowing what is running and whether it is configured correctly can be a challenge. However, once you identify where you stand in terms of industrial Cyber Security, you establish the tools and strategies needed to achieve your goals.

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Does it Verify That standards are Met?

Cyber Security measures should ensure your systems follow standards like IEC 62443, NIST CSF, NERC CIP, and the CIS ISC CSC developed by the Center for Internet Security. It should also detect any foreign interference with your industrial equipment.

How Does it Ensure Configurations are Secure?

According to a recent study by ServiceNow, 78% of CISOs are concerned about their capacity to detect breaches and anomalies. This highlights the significance of industrial Cyber Security providing top-notch protection, integrity monitoring, configuration management, vulnerability management, and compliance oversight through an adaptable agent and agentless method of data gathering. 

Will There be Downtime if Questionable Changes Need to be Fixed?

Control system operators often worry that fixing suspicious alterations will disrupt operations. This is why it’s important to make sure the Cyber Security solutions you consider can manage settings for all of your devices – regardless of type, platform, or OS –without disrupting your business operations.

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