An Overview of Operational Intelligence

The large volume of data and wide range of data available has rendered manual analyses exceedingly ineffective in today's IT/OT world. Hence why many organizations today rely on Operational Intelligence (OI) to strategize big data. By using OI, businesses can collect data in real-time and record intelligence as it emerges, which can then be used to make informed business decisions.

Operational Intelligence vs. Business Intelligence

Timing is the key distinction between business intelligence (BI) and operational intelligence. BI looks at past industry data, including server logs, prior financial reports, and market research. It can break down massive volumes of data into manageable pieces. 

However, large organizations find it difficult to operate consistently since BI only provides intermittent glimpses of data. OI solutions use real-time data, updating analyses based on new data as it is collected. Businesses nowadays can break out of their historical reliance on static data and records.

Essential Elements of Operational Intelligence

The following features make OI a viable strategic approach for many businesses today:

Business-Specific Data Analytics

Various industries and businesses can benefit from OI solutions, from the financial to the industrial sector. However, each sector has unique requirements. The difficulties faced by an oil refinery will greatly vary from those experienced by a major banking institution or healthcare service operating nationally. Users can customize their dashboards to display only the metrics most relevant to their role within their organization and industry.

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Date-Driven Solutions

Simply put, data-driven solutions are the essence of OI. OI solutions offer real-time monitoring of data feeds. They present live analysis and alerts, usually seconds after generating the data. Regardless of whether the data comes from sensors on machines in a factory, or ICS application malfunctioning alerts, OI solutions are always relevant and effective.

Efficient and Limitless Data Backup Management

OI uses artificial intelligence to help complex models and algorithms make logical sense of massive amounts of data. An effective OI solution will index hundreds of gigabytes of data daily, analyzing and interpreting it to reliably forecast future events and identify untapped business opportunities. Moreover, OI solutions are only useful if they can keep up with the ever-increasing data backup and recovery demands. 

Comprehensive Operational Intelligence Tools at Dexcent

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