A Guide to Real-Time Threat Intellegence


Cyberthreats are hard to detect, and many hackers get away with sneaking their way into company systems. Cybercriminals and hackers are increasingly targeting businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, many victims of these attacks do not realize they are victims until it is too late.

They say time is money, but in the world of industrial Cyber Security, it plays a huge role in protecting your company's OT cyber infrastructure. Saving your systems and networks often requires being preemptive rather than responsive while facing threats. This is where real-time threat intelligence serves as an invaluable strategy.

What is Real-Time Threat Intelligence?

Real-time intelligence safeguards your organization from external and internal threats through precise, focused, and actionable data. Real-time threat detection that is properly applied can cut the success rate of a cyber-attack by more than 97%.

Why Your Business Needs Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Live streams and warnings depicting ongoing threats and security breaches are only some of the features of real-time threat intelligence. This allows your company's security staff to respond swiftly to potential threats and prevent further damage from a security incident or a hacker's successful penetration of your network or systems. 

You can improve your organizations Cyber Security solutions by incorporating real-time threat intelligence into your Cyber Security infrastructure. Real-time threat intelligence tools can quickly sift through large amounts of data to find trends that can aid in the creation of a future-proof defense strategy. The data provided by real-time threat intelligence helps your Cyber Security staff address issues like prioritizing vulnerability fixes or improving existing security measures.

The Importance of Real-Time Threat Analysis

Real-time threat analysis is basically a set of Cyber Security solutions and platforms that offer real-time monitoring and the detection of possible threats. Many of the steps involved in cyber infrastructure monitoring can be automated with the help of a real-time threat detection and analysis system, which uses techniques like machine learning and signature detection. 

This application of machine learning typically involves assembling "normal activity" profiles based on typical user access and behavior, or systems/application communications patterns. For example when a user's actions deviate from what is expected of them, as established by their allocated account responsibilities or attributes, the particular incident is highlighted for further inquiry.

Note: Even after incidents have been recognized and reviewed, you may need to conduct further investigation to rule out the possibility of "false positives" where perfectly normal behavior is mistakenly labeled as suspicious or possibly dangerous.

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