From the Desk of . . . Nadir Jivraj, CEO of  Dexcent Inc.


Dexcent has been in business for over 15 years and we have seen a lot of unique challenges and situations faced by our customers. As CEO of Dexcent Inc., Nadir Jivraj has a unique perspective on where the company came from, our current atmosphere, and the direction Dexcent, along with our clients, is headed in the future.

What are Dexcent’s Core Values?

Our Core Values are the foundation upon which we have built our future and the future of our staff and of our clients. Honesty, Commitment, Integrity, Team Work, Trust and Creativity are key values to us. All aspects of our work are driven by our Core Values.

How do you see those values play out in your everyday services?

We believe our staff have commitment, passion, trust, respect and a “want to work” attitude, as opposed to a “have to work” attitude. With this we are able to deliver unparalleled service to all our clients, through our flexibility and commitment to excellence.

Dexcent has been in business for over 15 years now, how has the company evolved over that time?

Over the years Dexcent has matured and stayed with the technology curve, in order to offer technology advancement in its engineering service offerings, solutions and now more recently, with a product software offering of our own (DAAS). We consider, Dexcent to be a young, smart engineering company.

We’ve seen a lot of successes over the years, but what is one you are most proud of?

The solution we implemented and the savings realized from the work we did for Syncrude’s Mobile Events Synthesis (MEES):

Syncrude has collected data from haul trucks since the mid-1990s. Prior to implementing their (MEES) solution, business stakeholders still used spreadsheets to analyze large sets of truck data. Syncrude and Dexcent’s goal of the MEES solution was to create an automation system that would leverage mobile equipment monitoring, predictive information, OT integration, and a reliability knowledge base to generate near real-time information that could be integrated with workflows to improve equipment uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

The results were outstanding; Syncrude calculated that operating savings came to $16.75 per hour per unit, which equates to a $20 million annual operating cost avoidance, not including lost production hours that would have accrued. From a safety perspective, monitoring dumping procedures improved compliance and reduced non-procedural operating dumping incidents by 85% in the first month.

Read the Syncrude MEES Case Study

What are some of the biggest challenges our customers face?

With the current economic changes/challenges in Alberta today, all of our customers face major cost reductions of their plant operation budgets and want to see a significant increase in productivity.

The second challenge is Cyber Security for most organizations – more so organizations that rely on Operational Technology (OT) to operate their industrial and infrastructure processes. The rising security risk to industrial control systems and emerging compliance obligations place increasing demands on affected organizations to assess and improve their Cyber Security posture. 

How is Dexcent prepared to help them meet those challenges?

Our own software product, the Dexcent Asset Analytics System (DAAS), represents a new way of looking at your assets, your asset health monitoring, and your condition-based reliability programs; it represents a view more in line with how you and your operators see the world and how experts, and plant managers, react to a situation.

Earlier detection of potential issues, and being able to monitor long-running, slow degradation events, allows DAAS to turn reactive, just in time repairs into proactive, planned maintenance activities (huge cost savings). The DAAS platform enables the enterprise to more effectively manage labour and capital resources to meet fluctuating, often unpredictable, maintenance demands (huge cost savings). DAAS ensures the cost-saving returns on your investment are maximized.

Dexcent’s cybersecurity assessment services and methodology identifies existing security and compliance gaps within the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and provide expert recommendations for effectively managing control system security risks and maintaining plant operations in compliance with applicable industry standards and regulatory requirements (e.g. NERC-CIP). Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain a safe, reliable and secure operation of your OT infrastructure.

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