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Over 50 years of experience, AVEVA is the global leader in industrial engineering, design, and information management software. AVEVA’s industrial software powers top companies in key verticals such as oil and gas, mining, power and utilities, manufacturing, infrastructure, food and beverage, and CPG.
Dexcent formally became an AVEVA System Integrator on October 13, 2020. Our partnership with AVEVA will create new openings in both the types of applications we currently offer to existing customers and the capabilities we can offer to new customers.

System Integrators

As AVEVA solutions are integrated onto a common, unified platform, ready for fast installation, rapid development, and streamlined maintenance, this will enable Dexcent team to spend more time focusing on ensuring customer satisfaction and lowering our clients’ total projects costs.
Together with AVEVA, Dexcent can provide our mutual customers world-class support with expertise close-at-hand. With AVEVA’s extensive portfolio of offerings and solutions, Dexcent will be able to grow our solution base to our customers, allowing us to start with our customers’ current needs, and then growing the capabilities of those systems to address unique new value over time.

Subject Matter Experts

Over the years, Dexcent has built a senior team of technical resources and subject matter experts in different areas of AVEVA Enterprise SCADA (formally known as OASyS). These technical resources have over 10-25 years of experience working closely with AVEVA Enterprise SCADA on client projects. The project development, commissioning, and start-up experience, specifically with the AVEVA Enterprise SCADA, has made our team quite unique in engaging our customers during the entire life-cycle of a project from initiation to closeout and further supporting and maintaining the systems we provide.

Industry leading Technology

With input and collaboration throughout AVEVA’s network, Dexcent has now access to the latest released software and training and so our team can stay on top of the latest technologies being offered. This allows Dexcent to enable end users to quickly deploy solutions and take advantage of savings driven by edge-to-enterprise improvements. Staying ahead of the changes in technology requires constant learning. In today’s work environment, coming to the table with industry experience alone is not enough. Dexcent and our team must maintain a knowledge base of the latest innovations in the industry. As part of being a System Integrator with AVEVA, Dexcent team has access to the latest training to ensure our team keeps up with the cutting edge of industrial software and ensuring continuation of our knowledge build-up..

Proud Partner

Commercially, with AVEVA’s Flex Subscription, Dexcent as an AVEVA SI partner, is in a distinct space to offer a unique licensing and pricing model on AVEVA’s portfolio, to match our customers’ operations and asset lifecycle objectives and budgets. In contrast to traditional one-time purchase perpetual licensing models, this model offers our customers complete flexibility in accessing and implementing AVEVA software at a lower initial cost on a recurring basis. Benefits include reduced cost barriers to initial ownership, flexibility to scale licensing to future. 

Summary Conclusions

We have started on a new rewarding journey with the top industrial software and solution provider, AVEVA, and believe that we can provide our mutual customers with the best top-of-the-class solutions and services. If want to know more about our partner solution please leave your name and email and one of our agents wil be happy to assist you. 

Ask an Expert

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